Currently based in Los Angeles, Cory is a recent Columbia College Chicago graduate holding degrees in cinema arts+science and graphic design.
Growing up in rural Michigan – Cory spent his early days experimenting with traditional art and has explored many realms of visual art and storytelling over the years. After being hired by Jaffe Films in 2015, Cory has produced film and graphic design content for many production companies and independent brands including Thunderbear, Havanna Sun, and Glanbia Nutrition. Additionally, he works as a freelance editor, cinematographer, and photographer – making video content for corporate companies and non-profit organizations such as ASDS, AAMOS, IAPD, MNASR and WDSRA.

Cory continues to expand his visual storytelling voice, honing his talents in various forms such as: music videos, Independent films, and broadcast media. Additionally, in the realm of event/concert promotion – he has produced video/multimedia content for Chicago-based groups such as CTA, Ides of March, and Lisa McClowry.

Cory strives to bring his unique vision to many forms of digital and graphic arts.
Continuing to ask questions like: ‘What’s the importance of the content?’ and ‘What am I trying to say with this project?’ – Cory seeks not only create with the instinctive qualities within him, but to make a difference in the world around him with his artistic efforts by:

Capturing moments,

Sharing stories,

Expressing ideas,

Helping people escape to a created reality (if only for a moment).


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